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slow partners up with terre des hommes and its program A Chance to Play to create a very special watch for a very special purpose:
100% of the sales go straight to this great charity project.

Want to find out more and get insights and background info how we made this special watch? Just scroll down!


From now on you will have the chance to be a part of this great project and help to bring a little smile into some kids’ faces.
As a small side effect you get one of only 24 watches of the first slow limited edition ever: The “BRAZIL edition”!
A slow with a strap made by the founders of slow of a Brazil 1950 replica leather football.


How to make this…                                       Out of this…









We got our hands on some replicas of the footballs used in Brazil 1950. When we touched the ball we were amazed how soft and natural the leather is. And actually it had large enough panels to make fantastic watch straps out of them.

With a bit of help from some professionals
we started to craft 24 watch straps with our own hands.

There it was: the secret inside of this legendary football!
Hmmm, like this it was still not right to be used for a watch strap.

So how do we get rid of all the canvas lining on the inside?
Luckily, our friends had just the right machines to cut the ball into the right size pieces
and to remove everything that was not needed.

We finally had the perfect thickness,
but still no clue how to proceed…

Then we discovered a great stamping tool
that made it really easy to get the material into the right shape…
And for the first time it actually looked a bit like a watch strap!
But there was still quite a way to go…

After some rather complicated production steps that we will spare here,
we were finally able to stitch it all together and punch the holes!

And ready was the strap!!!
Doesn’t it just look fantastic on the watch?

Of course we also created a stunning new gift box for this limited edition,
to give you guys one more reason to make it the perfect present
to someone who is important to you.


To ensure that the money we collect gets to the right people and does a lot of good,
we partnered up with the charity organisation terre des hommes.

They are running a great program called “A chance to play” that improves the lives of disadvantaged children and youth by linking opportunities for playing and sports with learning and training initiatives. Definitely something we want to support!

The money you spend on your limited slow Brazil edition will completely (100%) be used to build sports grounds and other projects where kids are going to have a great time.



It can’t get any better than this:
With this very special edition you are doing something good for yourself and – even more important – for disadvantaged Kids in Brazil.

To make the strap we used the leather of a Brazil 1950 replica football and it’s certainly the softest and nicest strap we ever did!
But be quick: It’s strictly limited to 24 pieces!

You can order this beautiful, very limited time piece for 500 EUR and the entire amount goes directly via terre des hommes to the kids in Brazil!


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